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I've found an animal,
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Pets can become strays if they escape, become lost, are abandoned or stolen and dumped. Strays are often frightened, hungry and can be sick or injured. If you think you have found a stray dog or cat think first of their safety and yours before trying to get close to them. Animals can be aggressive if they are frightened or injured, always think how they might react before you approach them. If you feel the situation is not safe or the animal is dangerous, call the police. Make a note of where you saw the animal and a description of it ie it's size, type and colour.

If you can bring the animal under control speak calmly to reassure them and take them to safety. If the animal is wearing a collar the owner's contact details should be on it. If not the animal may have a microchip that could be scanned and the owners details found on one of the microchipping databases.

The dog warden

Local authority dog wardens are responsible for stray dogs so this is the first place you should call if you don't know who the owner is. They also have the facilities to scan the dog's microchip if it has one. The law states that any dog found MUST be reported to the authorities but can legally remain with the finder until the owner is located.

Unfortunately, some local authority dog wardens no longer provide an out of hours service and advise finders to keep the dog overnight themselves or release it back onto the street. GOOD NEWS - HAPPIER DAYS FOR STRAYS WORK OUT OF HOURS AND AT WEEKENDS. We also have the ability to scan animals for a microchip.

If you find a stray animal ring our emergency number 07761 743707 or contact us via our Facebook page.

Don't forget, always contact your local authority to report that you have found a dog, if you don't you could be breaking the law.